By now it’s likely you’ve heard that both FedEx and UPS are revising pricing policies for Ground packages, moving from weight-based to pricing based on package size starting in 2015. These changes will amount to one of the largest rate increases in the history of the parcel industry. In addition to covering the topic in our magazine, PARCEL Forum has 12 educational sessions dealing with all aspects of the change—from negotiating DIM fees to packaging to new warehousing strategies. Some highlights include: 5-step Plan to Mitigate DIM Increases; How the DIM Pricing Will Affect Packaging Operations; Find out What Other Shippers Are Negotiating in Live Benchmarking; Pricing Models for Recouping Higher Shipping Costs; Impact on International Shipments; Where and How to Store DIM Items; Find Out How Different DIM Divisors Affect Savings; How “Getting Local” Offsets the Impact of DIM Pricing; Compare the USPS Dimensional Products against UPS/FedEx; How to Negotiate DIM Charges in Your Carrier Contract; How wave planning, picking and packing will need to be altered; Bring Your DIM Issue to the Live Problem-Solving Session. PARCEL Forum: September 29-October 1,