MINNEAPOLIS (Jan. 12, 2015) -- HighJump, a global provider of supply chain management software, announced today that it has released its newest solution, HighJump™ Retail Advantage for in-store fulfillment. HighJump Retail Advantage helps retailers and grocers optimize fulfillment processes to meet the demands of omni-channel customers while increasing profitability. It drives the movement of goods from receipt, to the backroom, to the store shelf and to replenishment, along with the unmatched flexibility to efficiently fulfill orders while considering a customer’s unique way of doing business.

With HighJump Retail Advantage, customers have extensive, real-time visibility and control functionality for the entire store operation. The solution seamlessly integrates with store point of sale (POS), planograms, order management and ERP systems. Its additional functionalities include:
• Cycle counting and inventory adjustment controls to maintain store inventory accuracy
• A single pool of inventory per product to which all channels have access, and fulfillment prioritization rules among online, home delivery, store requirements and wholesale orders
• The ability to handle unique fulfillment requirements such as temperature-sensitive control to maintain freshness in grocery stores, or image display to locate products
• Configurable, value-added services management for activities such as labeling, kitting and assembly to support efficient work queue control and monitoring
• Store receipt processing with support for ASN and PO receipt processes with directed put-away for streamlined work flow
“Retailers are thinking outside of the distribution center, and are looking to their brick-and-mortar stores to manage inventory for fulfillment in ways formerly limited to the distribution center,” said Ross Elliott, chief strategy officer, HighJump. “HighJump Retail Advantage is unique because it takes into account store-specific needs while leveraging the key functionalities used in a warehouse – all with our market-leading adaptability that allows the solution to be configured to any business need.”

One of HighJump’s core solutions is the adaptable HighJump Warehouse Advantage warehouse management system (WMS). Because the WMS and HighJump Retail Advantage are architecturally similar, customers can deploy the same platform for both dedicated fulfillment center operations and in-store fulfillment activities.

About HighJump Software Inc. 
HighJump is a global provider of supply chain management software and trading partner network technology that streamlines the flow of inventory and information from supplier to store shelf. We support more than 14,000 customers in 77 countries, ranging from small businesses to global enterprises. Our functionally rich and highly adaptable solutions efficiently manage customers' warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, trading partner integration, delivery routes and retail stores. For more information, visit http://www.highjump.com

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