Engineering Innovation Inc. (Eii) designs cost effective systems for facilitating package data collection into e-commerce business systems. This company's highly experienced engineering staff interacts with customers to understand their unique environments and deploy automated decision-making solutions.

Key Applications:
-- Sorting & Routing (Inbound/Outbound)
-- Scan Print and Apply
-- Reverse Logistics

New for 2015: Ask Eii about our latest product offerings: the Duplex Print Solution and our mobile OCR Technology.

Discover Eii Commerce:
Eii has learned that successful e-commerce companies need to link data systems with physical processes. We call these critical junctions conversion points: where inbound boxes become SKUs, multiple SKUs become orders, and orders turn into packages which ultimately get delivered to customers.

Eii Commerce is about applying technology to get information systems talking while receiving — storing — shipping — and delivering stuff.

The Eii Conversion Story
We grab information from the physical package:

-- Barcodes
-- Sender Information
-- Recipient Information
-- Dimensions
-- Weight

We communicate captured information with your data systems and business rules to automate decision making. You can make a decision every time you touch a package based on:

-- Value of the order
-- Customer loyalty
-- Complimentary products
-- Mode of transport
-- Speed of transport
-- Mode of delivery
-- Internal Routing
-- Shelf location
-- Logistics sorting
-- Package Dating
-- Global Commerce Rules
-- SKU mapping

We execute decisions made in your business logic:
-- Pass decision data to downstream systems:
-- Print and format shipping or routing labels and packing slips
-- Identify packages with barcodes for tracking

Eii Commerce Solutions
Featuring EZ WorkDesk and EZ Parcels
-- Desktop and Conveyor-based platforms
-- Parallel processing enhances workflow efficiency
o OCR (optical character reading) technology enables text capture
o Wide Area Barcode Reader provides for account specific rules, encompasses a wide range of barcode types including 2D
o RFID — for high security applications
o Dimensioning captures length, width, and height for dimensional weight pricing and space management
o Scale weighs from 1 ounce to 70 pounds

-- Software interfaces package data with business logic for labeling, routing and customer billing
-- Outputs carrier specific labels and formatted packing slips
-- Plug and play printer options for single and duplex label printing.

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