PENNSYLVANIA, July 17, 2015 - Logistics Plus Inc., a worldwide provider of transportation, logistics and supply chain solutions, helped successfully coordinate 42 tons of humanitarian aid products from Oregon to Nepal. Working with its customer, Western Shelter Systems, the two-part shipment was picked up in Eugene, Oregon in early July and cleared customs at the American Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal on July 10, providing much needed relief shelters and supplies to the area.

Nepal was rocked by succession earthquakes in April and May, creating a humanitarian crisis. The first earthquake, on April 25, killed over 8,000 people, injured over 18,000, and destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes. A second major earthquake struck on May 12. The second quake toppled already weakened buildings, triggered a series of landslides further hampering relief efforts.

"Logistics Plus was flawless working with us on this humanitarian aid shipment," said Mike Scala, President and CEO for Western Shelter Systems. "Email and phone communication were extremely abundant on this sensitive shipment, and we were guided through every detail including pallet configuration to dial in the best and fastest transport. Once the shipment cleared customs in Nepal, our people there were able to start working with the USDOJ in order to deploy this important aid."

About Western Shelter Systems
Since 1992, Western Shelter Systems has been the standard, exclusive supplier of re-deployable shelters for all U.S. Federal government FEMA emergency responder teams, state and county governments, and municipal fire and police jurisdictions; as well as forest service, military, hospital, and industrial organizations. For more information, visit

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