Frankenthal, August 13th 2015 – Fewer traffic jams, shorter turnaround times, less fixed assets in the process: By joining two different IT application fields Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics (SPPAL) and AXIT have developed a new solution on controlling flows of goods. The center of the cloud-based solution for airfreight and parcel centers, ports and other highly-frequented logistics locations is a control tower through which transport movements related to the location within and outside of logistics centers can be coordinated.  
“We create a new degree of transparency for logistics centers”, says SPPAL’s boss Michael Reichle. The company specializes in automation of intralogistical processes and freight handling. Together with the cloud specialist AXIT they succeeded to link a logistics center’s incoming and outgoing flows of goods with processes in the warehouse and the depot.   
“The logistics center is in the picture on the transport progress early on and can plan its capacities clearly more precisely and efficiently than before“, Holger Schmitt, AXIT’s CEO, explains one of the advantages of the solution.
When will which truck with which cargo arrive on site? Which ramp is currently available? How much staff is required in incoming goods? AXIT bundles all shipment information with the logistics IT platform AX4, maps the flow of transport and pre-alerts delivery dates. SPPAL and their “Dock & Yard Management” (DYM) take over controlling goods movements from the premises gate. Both systems deliver information for the control tower and allow for integrated management of the entire delivery chain from shipping over transport up to the logistics center’s ramp and into its warehouses and sorting facilities.  
SPPAL supports internal processes with its IT around sorting facilities, automatic address recognition and barcode labeling. AXIT’s AX4 platform takes over control again when shipments are ready for loading in the opposite way. Thus the two companies’ services complement each other ideally along the delivery chain.  
Details on the options of the new IT solution for logistics centers can be found