Frankenthal, September 13th 2016 – With “AX4 mobile” AXIT has launched an app which flexibly and easily enhances the cloud-based logistics IT platform AX4 by various mobile applications. The Frankenthal-based IT provider thus enhances AX4’s fields of application for more than 200,000 users worldwide. The app is designed in such a way that it allows for an easy customer-individual configuration by a click.

“Each customer can determine what functions or processes they want mobile access to”, Uwe Schumacher, Head of Product Line Management with AXIT GmbH, outlines the new logistics app’s multifunctional application concept. Used for managing supply chains the app, available on smartphones and tablets, reaches into the execution of operation-level logistics.

As an example, the manager of a shipping department can be informed about additional costs for special deliveries. He receives the necessary information through the app and can either confirm or reject the additional cost. Thanks to the app decision makers are accessible everywhere, regardless of location.

The key advantage of the application: With advanced technology, updates of the app functions are easily done by the customer directly at a click and immediately available for all app users.

In addition, the ability for collaboration and the flexibility in management of logistics processes increase: By a simple QR code scan with the app it is also possible to integrate new participants within the supply chain management process and with the AX4 platform.

More information about the app can be obtained at