Wiesbaden/GERMANY, November 15, 2016 – VITRONIC, a global leader in industrial machine vision, is providing Lufthansa Cargo AG with an innovative solution for the automated capture of air freight. A total of ten volume scanner systems are responsible for measuring and weighing freight during initial acceptance at six of the airline's locations: New York JFK, Chicago, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Munich, and Johannesburg. Additional systems will follow in the next expansion phase, including those for sites in Asia.

As the first European airfreight carrier, Lufthansa Cargo depends on intelligent cargo acceptance systems. Using laser technology, these systems capture cargo measurements with the utmost accuracy, while an integrated scale simultaneously determines the weight. Advantages include increased efficiency and streamlined processes. Furthermore, the systems transfer all data and images from each captured piece of cargo to the airline's IT structures. This information is then used, for example, for documentation or billing purposes.

“Using smart technology is a key element in the efficient management of shipments. Furthermore, it serves as a foundation for integrating future technology with our systems and for strengthening our global network,” says Jochen Schmidt, Project Manager, Lufthansa Cargo AG.

“We are pleased that our systems will support Lufthansa Cargo as it continues down its road to success. These systems are vital in optimizing operative processes and, at the same time, creating more transparency throughout the entire process chain,” explains Torben Posert, Head of Sales Logistics, VITRONIC.

Lufthansa Cargo ranks among the world’s leading air freight carriers. In the 2015 business year, the airline transported around 1.6 million tonnes of freight and mail and sold 8.4 billion revenue tonne-kilometres. The company currently employs about 4,600 people worldwide.