Directly following the U.S. Presidential Election, DHL surveyed 100,000 of its customers for insight on business priorities for 2017, outlook on international trade relations, hottest regions for international growth and more.

Some of the top survey findings from the international logistics company showed include:

  • One-third of DHL customers (33 percent) point to Asia as the region of highest priority for their business in 2017, suggesting that disruption in trade relations with this region could have a significant impact on U.S. companies engaged in international shipping.
  • Most DHL customers (57 percent) will target e-commerce in 2017 as the top area from which to drive business sales.
  • Online streamlined Customs documentation requirements and procedures beat the IOT, self-driving cars/delivery vehicles, drone delivery and robotics as the top technology innovation customers would like to see more developed for widespread use

Read the full survey results here.