Salt Lake City, UT—The National Postal Forum (NPF) board has selected iDrive Logistics to lead three presentation sessions at this year’s National Postal Forum, taking place in Baltimore on May 21-24. iDrive will cover user experience in shipping environments, key differences between USPS Priority Mail and SurePost/SmartPost, and debunking the myths about the USPS.

“We’re honored to have been chosen to speak on these important topics,” said Shaun Rothwell, Founder and CEO of iDrive Logistics. “The Postal Forum is a fantastic event, and we’re looking forward to contributing to its educational value.”

According to Rothwell, the NPF grows in importance every year as shippers continue to witness changes in retail environments related to e-commerce sales and direct-to-consumer shipping. Rothwell noted that from 2013-2016, online sales grew 30% while the USPS increased its package volume by 38% during the same period. FedEx and UPS experienced more modest growth rates of 11% and 14% respectively.

“Although we are carrier agnostic, we have to acknowledge that it’s no coincidence that USPS package volume has grown in lock-step with the rise in e-commerce sales and residential shipping,” said Rothwell. “The NPF will be a great platform for addressing this evolution, while highlighting the value of proactively adopting dual or multi-sourced shipping strategies to keep pace.”

Joining Rothwell will be iDrive executives Carl Hutchinson (Chief Operating Officer) and Glenn Gooding (Executive Vice President).

About the National Postal Forum

The National Postal Forum is one of the largest shipping and logistics events in North America. It is the first and only event that brings together all senior-level USPS executives, leaders of the mailing and shipping industry as well as the industry's major suppliers and partners.