Frankenthal (Germany), April 10th 2017 – The digital revolution has brought big gains for industry, and logistical processes in particular benefit from greater transparency and better communication: That was the clear message from industry leaders gathered at the 16th PraxisForum Logistik hosted by cloud specialist AXIT.

When it comes to the unique concerns of project logistics, for example, the event highlighted increased availability, easy access to logistics data, and the ability to share information anywhere in the world through cloud-based systems. “The faster information becomes available, the more valuable it is,” emphasized Markus Ziegler, Senior Manager for Distribution Logistics at Dürr Systems AG.

His company, which manufactures painting systems for the automotive industry and installs them at customer sites around the world, relies on the precise coordination of equipment and resources to ensure that the special transports of its oversized system modules arrive exactly when and where they’re needed. “The cloud helps us enhance the quality of our service through a seamless visualization of the supply chain,” Ziegler told the more than 150 attendees at PraxisForum Logistik.

Siemens business unit Transmission Solutions also seeks to benefit from an IT solution that can be deployed anywhere, is easy to use, and greatly streamlines the logistics of its large-scale projects. So when it comes to digitally managing the logistical processes in the construction of power supply and distribution systems – including the transport of everything from cable straps to 350-ton transformers – the German engineering giant relies on the cloud-based solution AX4.

The AX4 platform makes it possible to integrate partners and everyone involved in the process, even if they do not use the AX4 system themselves. “We welcome this new era,” proclaimed Gabriele Hennecke, Head of Logistics Execution and IT with Siemens in the business unit Transmission Solutions, speaking about the digital transformation in their business. The cloud makes it possible to rise above the kind of project management driven by complex exchanges of analog information in favor of a structured, transparent interchange of universally accessible data, Hennecke noted.

“Digitalization gives us the opportunity to actively integrate logistics into the processes and make things better over the long term,” emphasized Frauke Heistermann, a member of the Management Board of event organizer AXIT and Chief Digitalization Officer (CDO) of Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics GmbH. Nevertheless, the availability of data is still not something to be taken for granted. Those who wish to benefit from end-to-end digitalized processes in areas such as project logistics must learn to share data, Heistermann warns. “The more isolated data is, the less it is worth."