Holland, MI and Manchester, UK – July 11, 2018 BluJay Solutions, a leading provider of supply chain software and services, announces the release of BluJay Global Trade Network version 18.2. The company’s cloud-based technology platform delivers an ecosystem of supply chain applications powered by its Global Trade Network (GTN). BluJay’s latest update delivers full multimodal transportation support, with extended customs management and mobile capabilities designed to help companies streamline their global supply chain management.

“Supply chain execution is becoming increasingly important to overall business strategy for many organizations. With factors like ongoing trade wars, GDPR regulations, and the end-user’s desire to have visibility into the last-mile to name a few, it’s essential that companies partner with a provider that can address their supply chain needs with proven technology and a strong global network,” said Doug Surrett, Chief Product Strategist at BluJay Solutions. “The latest version of the BluJay GTN product suite addresses all of these areas while helping companies streamline their global supply chain management to maximize speed, efficiency, and safety in the movement of goods around the world.”

  • Transportation Management – BluJay’s Transportation Management offers full multimodal support in one solution – truckload, LTL, ocean, parcel, rail and now air – for freight moves around the globe. The new release includes air mode support for booking creation and shipping assignment. A core component of the GTN, BluJay’s single instance multi-tenant Transportation Management is a single-workflow TMS that helps organizations reduce costs and maximize the efficiency of their operations. Version 18.2 also includes tracking provider integration with GateHouse Logistics, a European telematics data aggregation and sharing platform, offering customers a new, unique view into all available information from over 400 telematic providers. The ability to generate recipient-created tax invoice (RCTI), of particular importance in Australia, was also added.

  • Yard Management – BluJay’s mobility solution, MobileSTAR, is already integrated with its Transportation Management applications for shippers, forwarders and LSPs. With release 18.2, BluJay extends this carrier tool beyond transportation to Yard Management. The YMS-MobileSTAR integration enables drivers to perform important tasks such as checking into the yard or managing the movements of trailers on mobile devices.

  • Customs Management – BluJay’s multi-country multi-language customs management solution enables trade across regions from a single platform. The new release adds New Computerized Transit System (NCTS) support for Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, and the United Kingdom. Language support is added for Canadian French, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish.

  • Parcel –BluJay’s Parcel solution is an enterprise class multi-carrier shipping management system that supports complex, high-volume, multi-location, international, and domestic shipping. This update adds visibility to UPS parcel invoice information, a key market feature that enables parcel invoice reconciliation in the cloud.

  • MobileSTAR – Providing real-time tracking and last-mile routing across the supply chain, MobileSTAR can help deliver an enhanced customer experience. In this release, several enhancements were added to MobileSTAR, including the use of augmented reality (AR) overlay to validate item dimensions. Using a smartphone camera, users can point at a package to measure and validate the dimensions with the MobileSTAR app. Users can also use near-field communication (NFC) to read/write RFID tags.

  • Transportation Management for Forwarders – GTN Release 18.2 includes the Phase 1 integration with Stargo, which will digitize the procure-to-pay process for freight forwarders, helping them reduce risk, save money, and improve efficiency.

  • Control Tower – A core component of the GTN, Control Tower provides transparency and synchronization across an organization’s supply chain and supports workflow between partners. In release 18.2, BluJay adds OpenStreetMaps providing visual mapping for visual milestones. In addition, the Control Tower dashboard now includes chart and transport order search, and a visualization of key criteria or status of the work that needs the user’s attention.

BluJay also addresses data security and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) across the platform, and will continue to implement business processes, services, contracts, and policies to support data protection laws.

About BluJay Solutions

BluJay Solutions delivers supply chain software and services to the world’s most progressive retailers, distributors, freight forwarders, manufacturers, and logistics service providers. Transforming supply chain logistics with the BluJay Global Trade Network, we enable customers to unlock the power of more than 40,000 universally connected partners. With BluJay, companies can achieve greater trade velocity, transform their supply chain economics for disruptive advantage, and see beyond the horizon to optimize their future in the global economy. To learn more, visit: www.blujaysolutions.com, or follow us on Twitter at @myblujay and LinkedIn.