Ah, packaging. Remember the good old days, when as long as a product was protected in its box, it didn’t really matter what the packaging looked like? How things have changed! Now, not only does the packaging impact the customer’s perception of the company as a whole (customers often want personalized, engaging, and environmentally friendly material showing up on their doorsteps), we also have dimensional weight charges to worry about, which can send the cost of delivering your package skyrocketing. Not to mention, not all companies can adopt Amazon’s fast-and-free shipping model, so packaging can be a way to differentiate oneself from the competition without breaking the bank.

If you assume that all you need to do is ensure that the packaging protects the product, that would be a mistake — one that could cost you customer loyalty. In this special sponsored section of PARCEL, we take a look at some of the leading industry partners who could help you optimize your packaging operations. If you reach out to them, be sure to tell them you saw them in PARCEL.

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