Austin, TX (10.8.18) - ShippingEasy, the leading provider of cloud-based shipping, inventory management, and customer marketing solutions for e-commerce sellers of all sizes, is transforming a painful side effect of online success – shipping – by leveraging voice. This new offering allows online sellers to pick, pack, and ship orders without ever touching a keyboard. The innovation promises to reduce the time and labor required to manage, fulfil, and ship orders.

Businesses have been shipping the same way for decades, but those processes will now drastically change as this conversational user interface offers the first major advancement in the industry since shipping operations adopted cloud-based solutions. ShippingEasy’s integration with Amazon’s Alexa will liberate shippers from their shipping stations.

Using the Alexa device or downloading the Alexa app on their smartphone, e-commerce sellers can now accomplish hands-free shipping tasks with essential commands including:

  • Managing orders
  • Shipping orders
  • Printing labels, packing slips, and picklists
  • Purchasing postage
  • Checking postage balances

Using voice commands, online sellers can also ask Alexa a variety of shipping-related questions, allowing them to immediately and effortlessly track and manage orders and shipments. In addition to shipping and fulfilment related commands, examples of questions include:

  • How many orders do I have?
  • How many orders did I ship last week?
  • What is my oldest order?
  • What is my newest order?
  • What is the rate quote?
  • What is the destination?
  • Who is the carrier?

“Our brand promise is to make shipping easy for e-commerce sellers of all sizes, from single-channel stores to multi-store, multi-warehouse, international operations,” said Katie May, ShippingEasy’s CEO. “Leveraging voice capabilities to emancipate the shipper from the shipping station and keyboard is a perfect example of our commitment to that promise. Enabling company owners to ask business performance related questions from their smartphone wherever they are empowers them, and allows them to do what they do best – run a successful business. This first-of-its-kind integration in the e-commerce shipping industry truly allows hands-free shipping, and will change the way online businesses operate.”

ShippingEasy’s leveraging of voice is a new way to solve age-old shipping problems, and will have a positive real-world daily impact on e-commerce sellers. For example, while online sellers are getting boxes prepared for shipping, as they pick, pack, and tape, they can now use voice activation to check balances, purchase postage, track shipments, learn how many orders were shipped, and print labels and packing slips, all without ever touching a computer or hunting around various screens for information.

“Having Alexa on our shipping team is a game changer,” said Alex Ahrens, Owner of The Jungle Hook, an e-commerce seller that participated in an integration beta test. “My voice replaces fingers on a keyboard, and that means we can process significantly more orders in the same time. I like that it provides a fast way to check on how many and what orders are coming in while I'm on the go.”

With the Alexa integration, ShippingEasy continues to be a trailblazer in the e-commerce shipping industry. ShippingEasy was also the first to consolidate multiple, high-order needs of e-commerce merchants into a platform. The Alexa integration will be available to ShippingEasy’s tens of thousands of customers on October 9.

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