On November 15, 2006, a comprehensive and efficient new technology will be unveiled that addresses our nations vulnerability to harmful radiation such as a nuclear attack (or dirty bomb) via shipping containers.  At the Port of Oakland, the nations fourth largest container port, VeriTainer will reveal new scanning technology that will revolutionize the freight industrys plans for addressing continued terrorist threats. 


The announcement event will include a demonstration of the VeriSpreader system which will be monitored by local and federal agencies. This is the final step in validating this promising new technology.  The pilot project will occur at the Matson Navigation Companys Howard Terminal which handles only domestic container traffic.


The announcement event will feature VeriTainer executives and federal, state, and city officials.


The VeriSpreader is a scanning device that will monitor every container passing through a U.S. shipping terminal without delaying the flow of commerce. VeriTainer delivers an industry driven solution, creating radioactive scanning devices from direct knowledge of the shipping industry.


When: November 15, 2006; 10:30AM-11:30AM


Where: Port of Oakland, 530 Water Street, Oakland, CA 94607


Broadcast Visuals: visuals of the VeriSpreader, Port of Oakland officials, state and/or federal officials, and executives from VeriTainer and Matson Navigation Company