Proposed Mailing Standards Be Involved and Be Ready

The comment period for our September 27 Federal Register mailing standards proposal ended on Monday, November 13. This was the earliest weve ever published and allows for a second go-around with an updated set of proposals.After we carefully consider comments from our first notice, we will provide an analysis, summarize any additional changes to mail preparation based on comments, and offer a second comment period. We are aiming for early January to publish a revised set of standards.

After the second comment period well issue interim final standards in February. These standards will be as final as we can get them before the Postal Rate Commission's recommended decision (expected in early March), and we plan to publish them about a month before the decision. We hope that once we get the decision, we will need to change very little except for the new prices. We want to keep the standards as clear and as simple as possible to administer, and allow everyone to be prepared and ready for the May implementation