April 13 2020 07:55 AM

Rice Lake, Wis.—Rice Lake Weighing Systems has acquired The Postea Group, a Boston-based developer and manufacturer of dimensioning equipment and software.

Known for its innovation, Postea has been engineering and producing dimensioning technology since 1996. The acquisition allows Rice Lake to continue development of existing products as well as introduce new products in the field of dimensioning technology. Current plans are for operations to remain in Boston.

According to Rice Lake President Mark Johnson, Jr., “Dimensioning is being utilized more and more, along with weight information, to determine freight charges, load optimization and warehouse capacity calculations. We firmly believe dimensioning will be an essential, emerging market as companies transition to utilizing dimensional measurements along with weight information to charge for freight. This move gives us a clear path for the products and services in this field and ensures stability moving forward.”

Rice Lake Weighing Systems is a family-owned, ISO 9001 certified corporation, and has been manufacturing and distributing weight-related products and supplies since 1946. Today, Rice Lake Weighing Systems is a global leader in measurement and automated process control.