SOMERSET, N.J.—April 28, 2020 – Advent eModal, provider of the eModal® suite of applications that simplify and accelerate the flow of cargo across the intermodal supply chain, today announced that it has established an exclusive license to commercialize the Envio 360® drayage optimization technology as part of its integrated platform of services. Envio 360 will move forward as a service offering under the eModal brand.

“We believe drayage optimization represents a key opportunity for efficiency gains in the flow of containers between port and rail terminals, and their inland destinations,” said Parvez Mansuri, CEO of Advent eModal. “The use of this technology offers benefits to a number of constituencies, including terminal operators, shippers, dray fleets, and drivers, as well as the customers and communities that they service.”

The Envio 360 technology continuously recalculates the unique complexities of drayage logistics to produce the most efficient real-time dispatch plan. The integration of Envio 360 with eModal ensures that the information needed for accurate motor-carrier optimization, such as appointment setting, terminal operating schedules, and equipment availability, is seamlessly accessible to the Envio 360 optimization engine.

“As we were building out the Envio 360 technology and working with our early adopter clients, we constantly identified touchpoints with the data and services that eModal provides,” said Envio, Inc. Founder and CEO Brian Widell. “As we learned how the innovations underway at eModal could benefit our users, it became clear that the most effective path to commercialization of our solution was to join the eModal platform.”

In conjunction with the licensing of the Envio 360 technology, Widell has joined Advent eModal to lead this aspect of its offerings as Senior Vice President and Product Owner of Landside Solutions. eModal has recently launched a new platform, hosting both eModal and third-party applications, that streamlines the experience of dray fleets and truck operators servicing container terminals, and includes street-level visibility and equipment management.

“eModal exists to remove friction at every point of intermodal equipment interchange. We are focused on accelerating the movement of laden containers and optimizing the use of intermodal equipment, including empties and chassis,” said Advent eModal Chief Operating Officer Dennis Monts. “Access to low-cost SaaS technology that offers port-and-rail dray carrier efficiency, as well as landside container visibility, is a major building block to the competitiveness and profitability of the overall industry.”

About Advent eModal

Advent eModal technology is at the core of operations in eight of the top 10 largest port communities in North America. Advent eModal applications provide executional tools and APIs offering cargo visibility, terminal pre-advice and appointment setting, drayage optimization, payment processing, and data-enabled business intelligence. Globally, eModal is the world’s largest port community system. For more information, visit