Deerfield, Ill. September 1, 2020— Pregis, a leading manufacturer of protective packaging, is introducing the AirSpeed® Ascent high-pressure air cushioning system. This next generation inflator creates the patented square pattern hybrid cushioning (HC) packaging material on-demand, saving companies valuable floor space while providing superior product protection to ensure products arrive to customers undamaged.

“Users will immediately notice multiple advancements in the compact, ergonomic design and the throughput speed of up to 100 feet-per-minute. But the biggest impact for packers comes from the Ascent’s ’smart logic‘ technology,” said Ryan Germann, category manager—air systems, Pregis.

Smart logic recognizes and calibrates the optimal system settings as each roll of film is loaded onto the Ascent. This “load and go” efficiency makes machine operation simple because no adjustments are required, eliminating human error. Additional enhancements improve inflation and create strong, consistent seals. This creates HC with superior air retention compared to competitive solutions.

“With the e-commerce channel growing at an unprecedented rate during COVID-19, it’s even more important for companies to pay attention to their damage rates which can have a catastrophic impact on profits,” said Germann. “Pregis’ AirSpeed Ascent can meet increased demands and improve efficiencies, while HC provides the most effective solution for protecting high-value, breakable items, minimizing damage costs and enhancing customer experience.”

Pregis has a streamlined HC film portfolio to align with customer needs. HC Barrier (Ultimate Protection); HC Renew (Sustainability); HC Inspyre (Customer Experience). HC Barrier is a transparent film with best-in-class air retention and cushioning for heavy/fragile items or goods that have a long ship cycle. HC Renew is tinted green, made from recycled content, and is recyclable at store drop-off locations. HC Inspyre is tinted blue to enhance the unboxing experience and support charitable contributions to global clean water initiatives.

The AirSpeed Ascent allows for easy, one-person roll changeover and there are no exposed parts to support safety objectives.

About Pregis

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