MINNEAPOLIS, USA - As the manufacturing and distribution industries face a future of diminished return to work and operational efficiency from the COVID-19 pandemic, one new tech startup is stepping up to rehabilitate operations, digitally. Link Supply Chains, LLC, a dynamic new startup started during the pandemic, announces its cloud-based Product Information Management (PIM) system for sharing product data across multiple distribution networks. Link Supply Chains embodies a strategic integration to simplify downstream distribution, making it easier for businesses to host their mobile ecosystems in one cloud source environment.

“We want to make it easier for business to revitalize their product information distribution networks and eliminate unnecessary waste in the supply chain,” said Wade Wickus, CEO of Link Supply Chains. “We are solving excess and repeat tasks from re-keying information into many distributions channel ERPs. Our ultimate goal is to help businesses reach their customer’s on-time while simultaneously providing a seamless experience between manufacturing, supply, and distribution.”

With Link Supply Chains, businesses can convert current operational processing for easy access to their distribution channels in the cloud. Managers can change pack size in warehouses, change freight information, check storage temperatures, and easily access the shelf life of products from anywhere point of distribution.

By enabling cloud-integration, Link Supply Chains helps businesses intelligently manage, store, and standardize product information down to line-item freight. These connectivity features, along with one point of contact, further increase the flexibility of Link Supply Chains to be used within a range of businesses from small to large and with varying technology infrastructure. The Link Supply Chains onboarding process is ready today for industries, including food products, consumer goods, health care, automotive, and energy.

For more information about Link Supply Chains, go www.linksupplychains.com.

About Link Supply Chains, LLC:

B2B Product Information Management (PIM) made easy! Link Supply Chains, LLC is one of the fastest startup product information management companies in the USA. Ready to store every B2B product information in the cloud for easy access to all distribution channels. Solving the problem of manufacturers updating the same product information in multiple distribution systems. The company has a mission to simplify supply chains, reduce costs, and make B2B communication fun again.

In addition, they offer supply chain consulting, coaching & business strategy with the expertise to reduce supply chain costs, simplify supply chains and their focus on creating chain engagement through their proprietary consulting project delivering methods. Their CEO, Wade Wickus has a very popular podcast called “Supply Chains… The Secret Sauce”. Link Supply Chains is quickly becoming the “go-to” in the supply chain community.

To join the Link Supply Chains movement, go to www.linksupplychains.com.