Growing demands for Caljan Telescopic Conveyors have led to a strategic investment in additional production facilities in both Europe AND the US, bringing total annual capacity up to more than 3,000. This global expansion will bring Caljan closer to its customers worldwide, reducing delivery times significantly. The facility in Latvia will be completed in October. The ribbon cutting ceremony for the new manufacturing plant in Wisconsin will be on November 13th.

Continued growth in e-commerce has driven Caljan customers to look for ways to handle higher volumes of packages more efficiently. In 2019, global online sales grew to 4.11 trillion USD, an increase of 18% from the year before. This year the surge in e-commerce looks set to continue. The current Covid-19 health crisis, may well be a contributory factor. Online shopping is more popular than ever before.

Higher volumes of orders are being placed for Caljan Telescopic Conveyors and larger quantities are being ordered by each customer. Therefore, Caljan is increasing production capacity on both sides of the Atlantic to meet growth projections and exceed customer expectations globally.

In Latvia, a new 145,300 sq. ft facility will double current production volumes, reducing delivery times across Europe considerably. This expansion, combined with production capabilities in Denmark, means that high-volume orders can be managed together with low-volume orders, enabling retailers and parcel carriers of all sizes to cope with the pressing demands of digital shoppers.

To increase the flexibility of production on a global scale, Caljan has also invested in a 108,000 sq. ft manufacturing plant in Wisconsin, US. Caljan Performer Telescopic Conveyors will be produced at the new plant in Milwaukee. Moreover, because Caljan Labelling Systems have generated significant interest with global online retailers, they also form a key part of future US growth plans.

These bold investments bring Caljan closer to strategic markets, strengthening support for valued international customers.

CEO, Henrik Olesen, explains:

“Customers want a supplier who can handle repeat, high-volume orders. In order to meet these demands efficiently, we must be right on hand. Our two new facilities bring us closer to growth markets, giving us the flexibility needed to delight beyond expectation. Because many important shipping ports are located on the East Coast of the US, it has been important for us to find the right facilities in this area. Location makes all the difference to our customers.”

The new establishment in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin is located just 6 m from Caljan’s old site, which means all employees are retained. The facility houses administration, sales, service as well as manufacturing activities.

Caljan’s facility in Latvia is situated in Liepâja, closer to the city centre than the previous location. It comprises an office area, reception and production, all of which are expected to be fully operational in by end of October.

About Caljan:

Since 1963, Caljan has specialised in helping parcel carriers, retailers and manufacturers around the world handle loose cargo efficiently. The product offering includes Telescopic Conveyors, Labelling Systems, Automatic Document Handling and Solutions for logistics depots. All Caljan products are developed, engineered and manufactured to specific industry requirements in-house. Net sales amount to approx. €100 million and the company has 500 employees.