Elemica’s acquisition of ProcessWeaver will complement Elemica’s transportation management capabilities with carrier-compliant parcel shipment execution—allowing companies in the network to digitally integrate 100 percent of their shipments for improved transportation economics.

Elemica, the world’s leading digital supply chain network, announced today that it has finalized the acquisition of ProcessWeaver, the leading first-to-final mile multi-carrier parcel TMS solution provider. The acquisition will give Elemica clients access to ProcessWeaver’s features for carrier selection, tendering, label printing, tracking and analysis as well as a network of more than 500 global carriers in over 90 countries.

ProcessWeaver’s solutions will be integrated into Elemica’s Digital Supply Chain Network, including the Eyefreight TMS solution. This will give clients access to advanced shipment planning and freight cost management capabilities, increasing their freight-related cost savings and control.

ProcessWeaver’s multi-carrier shipping solutions automate the execution processes required in warehouse and distribution operations that must pick, pack and ship high volumes of small parcel and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments. Operators are ensured compliance with carrier data exchange, reference numbers and labeling. The solutions are offered in native ERP as well as hosted cloud models. ProcessWeaver also brings strategic partnerships to Elemica along with advanced integrations with customer ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Acumatica and Epicor.

Global annual parcel volume exceeded 103 billion items in 2019 and has increased dramatically in 2020 as the pandemic continues to accelerate the shift to online purchasing. Forecasts anticipate the market to more than double by 2026. With this acquisition, Elemica can ensure that companies connected to the network optimize management of this growing parcel volume.

“This integration solves a common problem in the industry,” said Elemica Chief Commercial Officer Matt McAluney. “Companies looking for a TMS solution have historically had to choose between those designed for freight operations and those more focused on parcel and LTL. When you have an even distribution of shipments across all modes, you end up leaving money on the table. Now Elemica can offer the best of both, integrated into Elemica’s Digital Supply Chain Network.”

About Elemica
Elemica is the world’s leading digital supply chain network for the global manufacturing sector. The company streamlines your supply chain by connecting mission-critical aspects of your business to a powerful digital network that processes more than $600B in transactions annually. For more information, visit elemica.com.

About ProcessWeaver
ProcessWeaver is a leading provider of integrated shipping technology, offering a digital platform that extends native ERP cloud transportation and logistics functionality. With thousands of installations worldwide, ProcessWeaver’s multi-modal and multi-carrier shipping solutions integrate company and carrier data for more visibility, better collaboration and a more streamlined transportation function overall. For more information, visit processweaver.com