Datatrac Corporation’s innovative eTrac product has been spun off into its own company, eTrac Technologies.

Alpharetta, GA, February 1, 2021 -- Datatrac Corporation, an industry leader in courier technology solutions has announced a spin-off of their ground-breaking product, eTrac, into a new company, now called eTrac Technologies.

Datatrac’s specialization in last mile business operations was the genesis behind eTrac. Datatrac’s focus is regional and local last mile carriers while eTrac’s audience is primarily shippers, 3PL’s and freight forwarders. This audience differentiation along with eTrac’s rapid growth have led the Founder and CEO, Henry Dixon, and board to decide to separate the companies into independent organizations.

Datatrac Corporation was founded over 40 years ago and became one of the first software solutions for couriers. In the years since, they have expanded their software offerings and have continued to maintain their presence as the foremost courier software solution.

eTrac was designed to provide shippers, 3PL’s, and freight forwarders a better way to access the fragmented and nuanced regional and local last mile carrier market. Their intelligent solution allows clients to build a nationwide last mile network ten-times faster than other methods. With customers that include some of the world’s largest brokers and 3PL’s, eTrac is more than ready to stand on its own feet.

To serve as CEO of eTrac Technologies, Henry Dixon selected Charles Pearson, a former Datatrac executive. “Charles has worked in the industry for a number of years and has experience in building and growing successful companies,” said Dixon, “Charles has already made a difference at Datatrac and I look forward to working with him as he leads eTrac Technologies into the future.”

Charles Pearson has a formidable reputation successfully building thriving technology companies, including Omnilink Systems, Sequr and Preparis. “Our team is excited about the future as eTrac continues to be the best way for shippers to connect with their final mile carriers,” said Pearson, The logistics market is rapidly changing and eTrac allows their customers to thrive in this new world.”


About Datatrac: The industry-leader in last mile courier software, Datatrac’s product suite has scalable solutions for courier companies of all sizes. For over 40 years, Datatrac has created intuitive products to streamline courier operations and help their businesses thrive.

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About eTrac Technologies: Developed to make reaching the last mile easier than ever before, eTrac works with some of the largest 3PL’s, freight forwarders and shippers in the world, helping them build a last mile network faster and more efficiently than their competitors.

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