Chicago, IL (February 5, 2021): Sente Foundry LLC ("Sente") announces startups selected for investment through its collaborative due-diligence and mentoring program, "LogisticsTech 2020."

Program participants were early-stage startups in freight and last-mile optimization, geospatial analytics, autonomous and connected logistics solutions, and pricing and fulfillment platforms for e-commerce and freight.

After Phase One of the program, which began in November 2020, Sente now welcomes these international startups to their portfolio:

· Omnitro ( – an e-commerce fulfillment platform for direct-to-consumer brands in need of cross-border warehousing and order fulfillment

· Terralanes ( – a knowledge management system for freight brokerage teams and their customers to visualize and collaborate

· Vyorius ( – a centralized command, control, and maintenance system for unmanned vehicles such as drones

"The theme for this year was resiliency for the logistics ecosystem. We believe that these three startups can play a major role in how shippers and carriers of packages and freight can become more agile and smart about their supply chains and operations," said Gerod Carfantan, COO of Sente Foundry. "This is just the beginning of where digitization and automation can make an impact on the logistics world."

The LogisticsTech program started with nine startups receiving an intense, hands-on evaluation and refinement of their business model for global scale-up and potential. After that, the startups worked with the Sente team using a structured process that better prepares them to attract serious investors and customers and places them in a fast-moving, talented ecosystem of LogisticsTech startups and industry leaders. Phase one closed with a virtual investor event, Cargo Summit 2021, part of a series of investor events that Sente hosts on specific topics throughout the year.

"At Quickload, we see firsthand the fast changes happening in the world of logistics. The pandemic shock made it obvious that the world needs more digital technologies to make the system more resilient. We're happy to be a part of this evolution and work with these great startups in the program", said Ozan Baran, CEO & Founder of Quickload, a strategic partner of the program.

The three selected companies move to Phase Two of the program, including $50,000 worth of program services and benefits, including mentoring, analyst support, assistance with fundraising, free credits from cloud services partners, and more, plus a minimum $75,000 cash investment.

One or more of these startups could receive a follow-on investment in future rounds based on their success.


About Sente Foundry, LLC

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