BROOKFIELD, WISCONSIN (July 6, 2021) ProShip is excited to announce the 2nd annual ProS Who Know Virtual Event. This much anticipated event on July 21-22, 2021 will bring together industry leaders and top shipping experts to discuss trending and noteworthy topics that contribute to successful parcel shipping strategies.

The 2nd annual virtual event will cover relevant logistics topics and inspiring and innovative trend analysis over 2 days including topics like business intelligence, third-party logistics, regional carriers, peak shipping season 2021 and more. Each webinar will feature a live discussion and Q&A time with supply chain experts and consultants from enVista, Dotcom Distribution, FOG Software, Lasership, LSO, LPF Spend Management and Summit Advisory Team.

Featured Sessions include:

• Talk Data to Me: Illuminating Transportation Business Intelligence: Join business intelligence expert, Michael Falls, Director of Global Strategic Solutions from enVista for a roadmap of the industry and to learn how transportation analytics data will not only feed your supply chain decision-making process, but how your process can improve the quality of your data.

• Dotcom Distribution: 3PL Success in a Time of Parcel Turmoil: Hear from Maria Haggerty, Co-Founder of Dotcom Distribution, about how they thrived during the pandemic and how their fulfillment strategy is managing the influx of new business post-pandemic.

• Death of the Single-Carrier: Building a Successful Regional Carrier Strategy: Hear from a panel of elite regional carriers, featuring Josh Dinneen, CEO at Lasership, and Richard Metzler, CEO of LSO Final Mile, who hold the secrets to onboarding regional carriers and who’ve found their niche as successful and efficient shipping partners for top retailers all over the country.

• [Shippers Only] Sneak Peak 2021: An Expert Parcel Shipping Q&A: This ProS Who Know session will feature a non-vendor opportunity for shippers to ask their burning questions about peak shipping season from the experts in their fields, aka Josh Mayer, Managing Partner at Summit Advisory Team, Nate Skiver, Founder at LPF Spend Management, and Mark Taylor, Director of Parcel Consulting at enVista.

This free virtual event will offer opportunities to connect and network with other supply chain executives. Register to save your spot to engage with parcel shipping experts and submit your questions. Connect with the ProShip team or learn more about ProShip multi-carrier shipping software.

About ProShip: ProShip, Inc. is the most trusted global provider of automated multi-carrier shipping software. With simple carrier connectivity and high flexibility, ProShip enables complex features and functions, such as maintaining compliance, executing multi-carrier rate shopping with unified business logic and empowering omnichannel fulfillment. Because ProShip integrates with multiple parts of an Enterprise Software System, our multi-carrier shipping solution can automate the supply chain workflow and turn your parcel shipping operation into an efficient powerhouse. For more information, visit