Washington, DC — November 3, 2021 — Women in Logistics and Delivery Services (WILDS) announced today it will grant its first Megan J. Brennan Award for Excellence at the WILDS Annual meeting on December 16, 2021, to Pritha Mehra, the Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President of the United States Postal Service.

“Pritha Mehra is a dedicated problem solver who works tirelessly to advance solutions that mutually benefit the interests of the Industry and the Postal Service whenever possible,” said Megan Brennan of Ms. Mehra’s selection. “She is always mindful of the potential pinch-points, and routinely collaborates with the industry to try to design and implement cooperative approaches that achieve the common needs of the Postal Service and the Mailing and Shipping Industry alike.”

Prior to her retirement from the Postal Service in June of 2020, Megan J. Brennan, the seventy-fourth Postmaster General of the United States, and the only woman to hold that office, was approached by Women in Logistics & Delivery Services (WILDS), about creating an award for an individual who embodies the leadership traits she so well demonstrated during her tenure. Studies show that women bring a unique value to Leadership Teams and Corporate Boards, resulting in better effectiveness and performance. Megan J. Brennan demonstrated those results during her tenure and served as a role model for these qualities.

The Award Criteria are:

Appreciation for the employees of an organization ─ people on the front lines.

Ability to work collaboratively.

Ability to look at problems and opportunities holistically.

“The Postmaster General is one of the most powerful offices in the U.S. Government” says former Postal Regulatory Commission Chair, and WILDS co-founder Ruth Goldway. “Megan Brennan, during her ground-breaking tenure, demonstrated that women leaders meet and often exceed all measures of success in the highest and most challenging of jobs. On behalf of WILDS, we are honored that PMG Brennan has joined with us, in our ongoing commitment to professional women, to permanently recognize her incredible achievements through this award that will encourage other women in our field to match her mark. Executive Vice President Pritha Mehra has moved up the leadership ladder of the Postal Service while proving her amazing skills in technology and management. She is most deserved of this award and is a model of the kind of success that WILDS will continue to showcase in the future. Congratulations Pritha!”

More information about the event and the WILDS organization can be found at www.shedelivers.org. If you are interested in viewing the virtual meeting at which Ms. Mehra will be presented with the award, you can visit this direct link, and you'll be sent the Zoom information after registering.


WILDS is a nonprofit organization created to promote women’s leadership in the postal, delivery and logistics industries and to address the challenges women and minorities regularly face in these industries. It has been known as an organization that “fights above its weight” in Washington and the logistics industry, being comprised of leaders from across the spectrum of government and the private sector with a common goal of building bridges across interest groups.