The BOWE INTRALOGISTICS Pouch Sorter is a high-performance automation solution for high-volume sorting tasks, mainly in e-commerce and omnichannel retail. It provides automated access to single items and enables individual, multi-part orders to be commissioned fully automatically. Fashion (flat and hanging garments) as well as paper, printed and personalized products are typical applications. The system brings several key advantages: the vertical arrangement of the bags results in a small footprint and valuable floor space is freed up in the distribution center because the sorter is mounted on or near the ceiling. The overhead conveyor system’s high level of automation means manual activities during the sorting and distribution process are reduced to a minimum and gentle handling of the goods is guaranteed.


    The BOWE INTRALOGISTICS pouch sorter is an extremely reliable sorting system that not only allows dynamic interim storage of items but also supports efficient, cost-cutting returns management. In line with the motto “buffer storage, not re-storage”, best-selling products returned by customers can be promptly collected and temporarily parked in a buffer sector. Items already available in the Pouch Sorter subsequently are prioritized and prevent a new picking procedure. 

    The Pouch Sorter stands out from similar solutions, too, with its various optional features like special quick unloading pouches or the ability to choose between different sorting methods. Thanks to its flexible, modular architecture, the system can be adapted to increased demands without any problem by enhancing the capacity and performance accordingly.


    The Pouch Porter makes a perfect addition to the BOWE INTRALOGISTICS range. The full service provider’s portfolio also includes conveyor systems and materials handling technology, paperless picking solutions and a number of other sorting systems. BOWE INTRALOGISTICS can supply end-to-end, made-to-measure automation solutions covering the whole of the internal value chain – from goods in to goods out, and beyond. These are complemented by IoT software solutions from BOWE IQ – from smart machine controls to complex Warehouse Management and Warehouse Control Systems to Last Mile Delivery solutions.

    “We’re our customers’ first point of contact today for their entire intralogistics requirements. They can source everything they need from us,” says Gunnar Lang, Director Sales Intralogistics Europe at BOWE INTRALOGISTICS. “Since expanding our range with the Pouch Sorter, we’re in a position to offer our e-commerce and fulfillment customers integrated and complete logisticssolutions that are even better aligned to their requirements.”

    The BOWE INTRALOGISTICS Pouch Sorter is highly flexible and ideal for light-weight, sensitive products. It can optionally be supplied with special quick unloading pouches.

    With different types of pouches offering different functionalities and load carriers for hanging garments, the BOWE INTRALOGISTICS Pouch Sorter meets the most diverse requirements of e-commerce and omnichannel intralogistics.


    The BOWE GROUP is one of the world’s leading suppliers of smart automation and IoT software solutions along the entire internal value-added chain, and beyond. For more than 75 years, our solutions have been optimizing work processes and production workflows across a wide range of different industries. In every case, our goal is to provide our customers with innovative, customized technologies that allow them to secure an edge in their markets.

    The three strong divisions of the BOWE GROUP create future-proof automation solutions that are precisely tailored to the specific needs of their target markets. BOWE SYSTEC stands for efficient solutions in inserting, plastic card mailing and mail sorting. BOWE INTRALOGISTICS supplies a comprehensive array of intralogistics solutions for e-commerce, multichannel retail, parcel distribution services and manufacturing industries. BOWE IQ complements the portfolio with smart IoT software solutions for machine control, warehouse management, process optimization, tracking and the integrated management of complex, networked automation scenarios.

    Founded in 1945 and headquartered in Augsburg, Germany, since 2010 BOWE has been wholly owned by the broadly based and financially strong Possehl Group, which is based in Lübeck, Germany. With around 1,000 employees, some 20 subsidiaries and over 50 general representatives worldwide, the BOWE GROUP is able to guarantee fast and local advice, sales and service support for customers around the world. For further information, please visit and