San Rafael, CA – (January 18, 2022) PAC Machinery, Leaders in packaging with one of the most diverse ranges of machinery, has entered the Rollbag® R3200 Fulfillment Automatic Bagger in the MHI Innovation Award competition in the “Best New Innovation” category. Winners will be selected at the 2022 MODEX show in Atlanta, GA at the World Congress Center held March 28-31, 2022. The R3200 Fulfillment Bagger was also just named one of PAC's top selling machines of 2021.

The MHI Innovation award serves to educate and provide valuable insights on the latest manufacturing and supply chain innovative products and services to MODEX attendees. The award is promoted on the MODEX website and is a great lead generator and booth traffic driver for exhibitors with NEW technologies. Modex states that 48% of attendees that visited the MHI Innovation Awards page, visit the finalist’s booth. PAC’s Rollbag R3200 Fulfillment Automatic Bagger will be packaging products LIVE in booth #C7291at MODEX.

“The Rollbag R3200 Fulfillment Automatic Bagger is an exciting development that combines environmentally-sourced material, with automation, less material usage, and the shorter lead times that this industry demands,” said Greg Berguig, VP Sales & Marketing, PAC Machinery.

Summary of Innovation – Rollbag™ R3200 Fulfillment automatic bagger

Increase efficiency and lower material costs with the Rollbag™ R3200 Fulfillment automatic bagger, an elite mail order fulfillment bagging system. This auto bagger works with poly tubing as well as bags on a roll. The R3200 Fulfillment can either be equipped with a label applicator that applies a direct thermal label onto the bag (no need for ribbon) or with a thermal transfer printer that prints directly on the bag using ribbon. The standard Rollbag R3200 Fulfillment works with bags up to 16 wide x 24 long and has a seal bar opening of up to 6”. The XL version for larger products, works with bags up to 22” wide x 36” long and features a seal bar opening of up to 11”.

The Rollbag R3200 Fulfillment bagger is equipped with a label printer applicator, to create a fully integrated batch-less order fulfillment bagging solution. A thermal transfer printer option is also available, allowing you to print directly on the bag material.

Innovation Statement

This system is the first one on the market to use pre opened bags on a roll as well as poly tubing in order to make a bag. The benefits of poly tubing include lower material costs as well as right-sizing of the bag to the product by changing bag length on the fly, lowering shipping costs, reducing material usage, and shorter material lead time.

Be innovative and green when you package with improved sustainable materials for this machine by using our Recylene® poly mailer made from up to 90% recycled content (20% ocean bound plastic, 20% consumer and 50% Industrial possible).


This bagger is ideal for e-commerce, order fulfillment and distribution facilities that require the highest level of performance in their order fulfillment packaging operation.

This automatic bagger will save you money, improve your branding and customer satisfaction with right sized bags and helps you to be more flexible when packaging items of various sizes. An additional benefit includes using the latest in sustainable packaging materials, which is better for the environment and makes for a more satisfied consumer.