CHICAGO, Feb. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- GLS, a global leader in Parcel and Freight transportation, and Tusk Logistics, a shipping platform led by former Google, ShipBob, and Shippo founders, have announced the public availability of GLS service via Tusk Logistics, a national network of regional parcel carriers that unlocks easy access to reliable, predictable parcel delivery at significant savings, with no additional software or operational overhead.

Regional carriers like GLS have been strong small parcel delivery providers for decades, but the ecosystem for regional carriers nationwide is fragmented and difficult for Shippers to access. Today, less than 3% of all domestic small parcel volume – a $150B+ market – is delivered by regional carriers.

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Shippers understand the value that regional carriers provide, but find it difficult to access the regional carrier networks due to each carrier requiring a negotiated account, bespoke technical integration and tailored operations. Tusk solves each of these challenges, enabling any Shipper to easily unlock regional carriers' low pricing and reliable service.

Tusk's pre-negotiated regional rates with leading regional carriers like GLS instantly lower shipping costs by an average of 30-40% below commercial rates with UPS or FedEx. In addition, Tusk eliminates complications with easy integrations while offering superior, proactive Shipper support. Shippers like Good Buy Gear are experiencing massive improvements to their customer experience and operations since integrating Tusk.

GLS and Tusk are excited to enable easier access to GLS service via the newly launched Tusk Logistics network.

Reach out to the Tusk team to learn more about GLS service on the Tusk network and uncover your potential shipping savings.