FRANKLIN, TN (March 27, 2023) – System integrator Designed Conveyor Systems ( launched DATUM, a new warehouse execution system (WES), on March 20 at ProMat 2023. Built from the ground up, the proprietary WES is totally independent from original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) software.

DATUM delivers the scalability, availability, flexibility, and reliability features that DCS has found lacking in other solutions across its four decades of industry experience, explains Matt Ferguson, President of DCS.

“As the system integrations that DCS provides to warehouses, distribution centers, and parcel handling operations continue to grow more complex, our team saw the need for a new breed of WES,” Ferguson says. “Just as every solution DCS designs and delivers for its customers is brand independent, so too is DATUM.”

Key Features Set DATUM Apart

DATUM blends warehouse control with tasks traditionally handled by a WMS, notes Brian Curran, Vice President of Software at DCS.

“It handles order planning, intelligently releases tasks, synchronizes all current work, and continuously reprioritizes it for the optimal process flow,” he says. “It also supports semi-automated or completely automated distribution and fulfillment centers to fill high-velocity orders with specific delivery deadlines.”

Beyond those capabilities, Curran points out several novel features incorporated into DATUM to address the needs of today’s supply chain operations. They include:

· Easy integration with existing software. Thanks to its flexible, secure API gateway and integration bridge, DATUM easily interfaces with virtually every warehouse management system (WMS) software and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This enables operations to increase agility by expanding current capabilities beyond the limitations of any existing software.

· Modular hardware configurability. To eliminate silos of automation, DATUM integrates with a broad range of material handling hardware and warehouse automation. This includes conveyor and sortation systems; autonomous mobile robot (AMR) fleets; goods-to-person automation; light-directed picking and put walls; auto-baggers; palletizers; and more. DATUM also offers native programmable logic controller (PLC) integration, as well as integration using TCP/IP.

· Completely customizable deployments. An operation can deploy DATUM in the Cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid configuration. Regardless of the deployment, the WES provides highly reliable connectivity at the required speed.

· Sophisticated container management. DATUM features multiple, sophisticated functions that streamline and manage inventory handling and order flow throughout a fulfillment operation. It provides dynamic and intelligent container, inventory, equipment, and order management strategies. These include container configuration, lifecycle, and routing; conveyor and equipment modeling; destination mapping; inventory management and auditing; replenishment; pick path optimization; wave release; waveless flow; and more.

· Stable, secure platform. Developed with widely used components incorporated into systems used by major software and service providers, DATUM’s base platform is both innovative and extensively deployed worldwide. Its microservice architecture makes it robust and well supported. It also leverages the latest security protocols and standards. That foundational architecture makes the software extremely dynamic, easily updated and scaled, and highly resilient for maximum solution reliability.

· Easy to navigate user interface. DATUM’s modern, easy-to-navigate, web-based user interface provides key business information through full text search across all available data sources. The WES synthesizes and analyzes information in real time to deliver answers — not just data — about key performance indicators in easily understood dashboards and reports. This enables operations managers to quickly pinpoint and address issues before they become serious problems.

· Collaborative data sharing. Managers and other users can share DATUM dashboards and other information internally via the WES, or externally through Microsoft Teams or Slack. This enables seamless collaboration across workflows, departments, and processes to facilitate faster troubleshooting and issue resolution.


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