Rapid developments in communications, along with the increased use of the Internet by mail carriers, continue to drive Haslers development of its iMCM G2 mail processing software. This next generation, information management software program uses the latest technology to improve efficiency and productivity, giving the user complete control of all their incoming and outbound mail and shipments.

iMCM G2 offers a state-of-the-art systems architecture that is simple to install, configure and operate. Inexpensive to deploy, iMCM G2 provides online, integrated manuals and tutorials for self paced operator training, and its clear and logical process flow offers a complete range of task functionality, comprehensive domestic and international rating capability and item processing for all carriers.

A Single System - A Single Solution                                                                                            

The iMCM G2 software system is designed to provide a single solution for all your mailing and shipping needs.  From seamless integration with Haslers WJ mailing systems to a customizable user interface which reflects customer application requirements, the iMCM G2 offers the power and flexibility required in todays mailing and shipping centers.

Users can save time and money thanks to iMCM G2s address correction and validation services.  In fact, iMCM G2 can save you $10 per air shipment address correction, and $5 for each correction of a ground or other service transaction.  The system can provide easy and clear access to all required carriers and functions, thus meeting all customer requirements for both domestic and international shipping.  The system guarantees the best routing decisions based on accurate addresses, offers multiple shipper numbers to support unique and complete shipper identities, and produces clear and concise carrier billing statements vs. consolidated billings that typically must be analyzed and allocated then billed to a shippers client.

Its Work Ahead feature offers a number of multi-tasking functions. For example, while someone is running letters on the interfaced mailing machine, another can be processing parcels using the shipping screen.  The powerful Request to Send desktop dispatching enhancement gives you the convenience of preparing shipments at your desk (with a networked PC).  Users can access the following functions when utilizing Request to Send:

      ·         Address correction

·         Carrier selection

·         Accounting and chargeback details

·         Email notifications

·         Plus much more!

And with the G2 Accountant module, the user has an expedient way to collect and integrate mailing machine accounting data across their organization.  Additionally, they can collect and consolidate mail and overnight shipping information for reporting and analysis.  And what can they do with all the data collected by the iMCM G2?  Thats where the G2 View reporting and inquiry module comes into play.  This module allows the user to create, view and print reports right from the desktop, thus giving amazing versatility when accessing their data.

iMCM G2 has been optimized and designed to perform best when used with a touch screen monitor, thereby eliminating the need for many cumbersome keyboard and mouse functions. Using its Real Time Interface (RTI) option, it seamlessly integrates with a host system, allowing for the straightforward exchange and manipulation of raw data, compiled reports for analysis, and complete cost analysis and charge back information. Also, the system is flexible and highly configurable for end user requirements, enabling an individual to enhance their performance by configuring repetitive or complex tasks.

The advanced technology of iMCM G2 is designed to make mail center tasks easier, more efficient and less expensive, while providing accurate analysis of processing and mail shipping expenditures.

Hasler represents nearly a century of precision engineering and extraordinary quality in mailing machines. Hasler is well-known in North America for its broad line of mailing and shipping systems and mail support equipment, such as postage meters, folders/inserters, address printers, tabbers, mail sorting and tracking systems and mail center management tools. Hasler equipment and systems are supported by a continent-wide network of both Hasler branches and independent dealers providing sales, service, supplies and support to their customers.