SEATTLE April 19, 2007 Document Command, Inc., which operates its global Remote Control Mail service for delivering postal mail online, today announced a re-branding of both its company and services under a common name, Earth Class Mail (


    The Earth Class Mail online postal service gives customers ranging from mobile workers and military personnel to college students, expatriates and foreign-based companies online access to their postal mail, from anywhere in the world, at any time.  Earth Class Mail receives mail each day, scans the outside of the sealed envelopes and presents these images to the customer online. The customer then determines whether to have the mail opened and scanned, shredded, recycled, transferred elsewhere, or forward-shipped similar to how people manage their mobile phones and emails. The Earth Class Mail system is convenient, reliable, and cost-effective. 


    The brand change is significant because it ties to the fact that while not all of our users travel globally on a frequent basis, all of our users are thinking about sustainability while at the same time improving their own productivity, says Ron Wiener, CEO and founder of Earth Class Mail.  Multiple government and independent studies have shown that less than 20% of postal mail actually gets recycled today.  Weve already increased recycling to more than 93% among Earth Class Mail customers, so we are off to a very good start.


    Earth Class Mail reduces the amount of paper mail and advertising mail that gets shipped around the world, which in turn, helps the environment.  Many corporations have mandates to reduce their carbon footprint, and understand that delivering mail to their employees (more than half of which is likely to be discarded unopened) is not only expensive, but environmentally harmful. 


    Customers in more than 80 countries are using Earth Class Mail to view and manage their postal mail from any internet connection on earth.  Many U.S. customers have requested additional addresses in their cities. To accommodate them, 18 new addresses have recently been added in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Dallas, Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Houston, Seattle, Miami, St. Louis, Portland (Oregon), Baltimore, Las Vegas, Richmond (Virginia), and Newark (New Jersey).  The vast majority of people in the U.S. can now have their mail sent to an address in their region, even though they are actually receiving it online wherever they may be. 


    For businesses, mail addressed to specific departments or account numbers can also be set up with automatic rules to be opened and scanned upon arrival, as in the case of remittance processing where checks are extracted and electronically deposited for same-day access to funds.


    About Earth Class Mail

    Earth Class Mail gives people the ability to access their postal mail online as easily as email from anywhere in the world.  The Earth Class Mail service is already in use by businesses and individuals in more than 80 countries.  Earth Class Mail also manages standardized process mail, such as claim forms, invoices, and checks, more efficiently and cost-effectively than ordinary document management and storage solutions.  Earth Class Mail ( is registered with the United States Postal Service as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency. Founded in 2004 as Document Command, Inc., Earth Class Mail operates its mail processing and document archival center near Portland, Oregon, and its corporate headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington.