Postmaster General Jack Potter announced the appointment of three vice presidents and an acting vice president at a recent leadership conference in Washington, DC.

I am pleased to announce several key officer selections in response to our need to tighten our belts and at the same time work aggressively to grow the business, Potter said. Revenue growth is the key to a successful future. Improving efficiency and service will help us grow the revenue. Please join me in offering full support to Kathy Ainsworth, Jordan Small, Gary Reblin and Jim Cochrane in their new assignments.

Two major functional areas Delivery and Retail offer significant opportunities in enhanced customer access, revenue/profit growth and cost management, said Potter. Because these require stronger focus than ever, Potter has appointed Vice Presidents to lead these units. Kathy Ainsworth, former VP of Delivery and Retail, will lead Retail Operations. Jordan Small, who most recently served as South Florida District Manager, will lead Delivery. Both will report to Senior Vice President of Operations Bill Galligan.

In a career spanning 33 years, Ainsworth has gained extensive knowledge and experience in customer service and finance operations. Her previous field assignments included District Manager and Lead Executive of the Cleveland-based Northern Ohio Performance Cluster. I am confident that Kathy can provide the leadership that will contribute to even greater success in service achievement, efficiency and new revenues, said Potter.

Small also served as District Manager in the Philadelphia and Akron Districts. His broad field experience will help us achieve continuous improvement and keep moving on Delivery Point Sequence (DPS) by increasing the DPS percentage to help reduce workhours and improve service, Potter said.

Reblin was named Vice President of Expedited Mail, a position he has been acting in since November 2007. Reblin oversees Express Mail and Priority Mail products and services. Previously, he was Manager, Intelligent Mail Planning and Standards, and was instrumental in establishing the role the Intelligent Mail Barcode will play in our future. Reblin also served in key management positions in Engineering with emphasis on automation and the associated economics. Gary and his team have taken on the challenge of using new pricing flexibility, combined with a focus on efficiency, to grow Expedited Mail profits, noted Potter.

Jim Cochrane has been named Acting Vice President of Ground Packages and will concentrate on profit growth from Parcel Select and Parcel Return Services. Jims previous experience as Manager of Package Services in Marketing, in concert with his experience in field operations and as Manager of the Capital District, will be beneficial in evaluating the costs and service effects on profits in the ground package business, said Potter.

Both Reblin and Cochrane will report to PMG Potter.