Oct. 8 2009
Our industry has been rolling since the wheel was invented in Mesopotamia (Iraq) about 5,000 years ago. Three years ago, Hot Shot Delivery, Inc’s president, Eric Donaldson of Houston, Texas,... View More
Aug. 26 2009
In today's frenetic markets, your customers are shopping. Build your contacts within existing accounts while you have easy access to them. It is a competitive world, and running your team has aspects that... View More
June 29 2009
Entrepreneurs have recognized that the recession presents major opportunities for offering new services. Some Regional Carriers are leading the way with many bold new initiatives. Estafeta is the largest... View More
March 30 2009
With the collapse of DHL and a significant reduction in orders, both UPS and FedEx have again raised their rates, increasing the cost pressures for shippers. What options do shippers have? 1. Don’t... View More
Feb. 9 2009
The business of transporting, warehousing and delivering freight and packages generates $3.5 trillion in annual revenue worldwide. Competition is very much alive and well in every sector; no carrier has... View More