Sept. 26 2011
For the last two years, FedEx and UPS have been putting their shipping customers to a distinct disadvantage at the negotiating table by telling them they cannot work with third party contract negotiators... View More
Aug. 22 2011
An important court battle that impacts parcel shippers continues to take shape in US District Court. As reported in PARCEL in October 2010 (“FedEx... View More
June 13 2011
Please download the PDF in order to see the figures referenced within Residential deliveries are on the rise. In fact, residential deliveries have doubled from 20% of the overall parcel market to 40% in... View More
Feb. 2 2011
With the holidays behind us, the logistics industry can finally breathe a collective sigh of relief. However stressful, the past few months of peak season have also shown more signs of economic recovery.... View More
Dec. 5 2010
At this time of the year, one of the hottest topics is the parcel carriers’ published General Rate Increase (“GRI”). Although the excessive increases continue to bring disappointment,... View More
June 18 2010
There is an age-old procurement debate over the merits of sourcing with a single supplier versus multiple suppliers. In the world of parcel carrier services, which is best? Those in favor of “single... View More
Feb. 15 2010
With the 2010 rate increase taking effect, here are three steps to take and some potential options to consider that can help you offset those increases, or even decrease your spend, without sacrificing... View More
Oct. 8 2009
Almost everyone in the US recognizes the phrase, “What can Brown do for you?” And if someone wants to send a letter overnight in the US, they often say they will “FedEx it.” If... View More
Aug. 26 2009
Most shippers believe that shipping is not and cannot be a profit center. Many assume that by offering free shipping, they will drive additional revenue to the bottom line that will more than offset the... View More
June 29 2009
The current economic climate has affected everyone, and parcel shippers are no exception. While fuel prices have been a pleasant surprise in 2009 and provided some relief, we are all still feeling the... View More
March 30 2009
If I didn’t know better, I would swear the author of this popular idiom was referring to small parcel contract negotiations. The days of simplified, five page parcel contracts are over, and today’s... View More
Feb. 9 2009
In the movie The Cable Guy, Chip Douglas refers to cable television as the “information superhighway.” “There’s no end to the possibilities!” Chip says. I... View More