Dec. 2 2022
The starting point in understanding international cargo claims is that a claim is based upon a breach of contract by the carrier, not whether the carrier was negligent. This arises out of the... View More
Nov. 30 2022
Many parcel shippers find that using a licensed customs broker is essential when making international shipments, since every cross-border shipment is both an import and export transaction involving tw
Jan. 13 2022
In the last installment of PARCEL Counsel, we took a look at four critical points relating to shipping parcels. In this international edition of PARCEL, we will delve deeper into two of those po... View More
Jan. 3 2022
This year’s Parcel Shipping Index results revealed just how staggering 2020 was for the shipping and logistics industries. Notably, consumers continue to shift to make e-commerce the default method
Dec. 22 2021
A major change to shipping and customs clearance into the European Union (EU) occurred earlier this year, but it has, to a large extent, been obscured by COVID-19 challenges in the supply chai... View More
Dec. 20 2021
For the past couple of years, we've asked our readers to let us know how they ship internationally. Check out the survey results by clicking on the button below. hbspt.cta.load(2621416, '18845dc4-fa... View More
Dec. 13 2021
With more than 220 countries and territories across the globe, changes are inevitable. Laws and regulations constantly change, and new ones are often enacted. The last few years brought many changes... View More
Dec. 8 2021
The world of global e-commerce is growing at more than 27% each year, with over 131 billion parcels traversing the globe in 2020. This equates to 4,160 parcels shipped per second. Since 95% of... View More
Dec. 6 2021
We recently released our fourth annual Future of Posts report, which highlights trends and the current state of the postal industry. The survey is based on responses from over 151 respondents... View More
Nov. 30 2021
It is truer today, more than ever, that innovation is necessary for businesses to survive. Traditionally, companies would plan for growth based on past performance, utilizing historic... View More
Nov. 22 2021
Global supply chains have seen incredible amounts of disruption in the last couple of years. Supply chain leaders have been left to pick up the pieces of inconsistent supply and demand pattern... View More
Nov. 19 2021
From the moment consumers click “complete purchase,” they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their package. There’s no denying that speed is of the essence when it comes to today’s... View More
Nov. 15 2021
If the pandemic proves one thing, it’s that e-commerce has truly and irrevocably taken hold of the global marketplace. Amazon’s Q2 2021 results alone show this, with the online shopping... View More
Nov. 5 2021
As a byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed staggering changes to cross-border e-commerce trends over the past year and a half. According to market research from Facts and Factors, it i
June 2 2021
Beginning July 1, 2021, the European Union (EU) will be making important changes to its value-added tax (VAT) regulations that will have a major impact on US e-commerce sellers. Leading up to... View More
March 30 2021
Preparing your international shipments to ensure they are on-time and penalty-free can feel overwhelming. That’s understandable—there’s quite a bit that needs to get done in order... View More
Feb. 16 2021
For the past six years, the Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index has closely tracked the parcel industry in 13 of the world’s most influential markets. Each year, the industry’s growth story
Jan. 18 2021
As the world of global e-commerce continues to grow, there is an increasing interest in having an “express” service option available for international shipments. The major carriers (DHL,... View More
Nov. 30 2020
The spike in online shopping and e-commerce shipments only seems to be growing in popularity as everyone continues to acclimate to a post-COVID-19 world. In order for retailers to keep up with... View More
Nov. 25 2020
Much like the US, the rise in Canadian small parcels is being attributed to e-commerce growth, which has almost doubled this year. According to Statistics Canada, retail e-commerce sales were... View More