Feb. 9 2009 03:21 PM

As we at PARCEL made plans for 2009, we set a goal to offer you more information in better formats. And we have done it, thanks to top thought leaders in our industry who have agreed to participate in the most comprehensive single-source of information in the parcel industry.
We surveyed you, our readers, and found out that you wanted information in shorter, more concise pieces in PARCEL magazine. In that light, we are changing a significant portion of editorial content to, for lack of a better word, “departments.” But we took the departments concept even further. Departments will now appear in all venues: in our e-newsletter, on our website and even live at the PARCEL Forum. Each column will present more detailed information from a consistent source and with a specific focus. 

In addition to our regular feature articles, all print editions will include ongoing departments: Going Global with Tom Stanton, International Analyst and Licensed Customs Broker of AFMS; Transportation ABCs with a panel of consultants from Logica, Envista, Green Mountain, Navigo, AFMS and DMG; Mastering Management with Mark Taylor, leading authority on parcel shipping; Regional Alternatives with Rob Shirley, EVP of Celevoke; Practical IT with Oscar Murray, Information Technology Manager, Shipping Applications of Ditan Corporation and PARCEL Forum Advisory Board member; Best Practices, warehouse efficiencies and cost savings with the production and management staff of CDW; and Packaging with Joe Wilkinson of Envista Corp.
Our print editions will also continue to feature our columns — Brent Primus’s Parcel Counsel and Joe Loughran’s Reality Check.

PARCEL’s E-News editions will include feature articles as well as new departments and columns: Carrier Relations with various UPS executives; Going Green with Vera Angelico, environmental architect; and Cost Watch with Doug Caldwell, EVP of Parcel Pool.

You can also go to www.PARCELindustry.com to read Transportation Masters with Doug Kahl, DLP, Vice President Strategic Initiatives of Tranzact Technologies, and Practical Advice, written by members of our PARCEL Forum Advisory Board, your logistics peers.

Never before has anyone gathered under one “roof” the knowledge and foresight that this team of industry experts represents. If it’s parcel-related, someone in this lineup knows the answer! I want to extend a giant THANK YOU to each and every one of them for agreeing to share their expertise and time with you, our readers. And watch for more departments during the course of 2009 as we add other critical topics with expert contributors.

But that’s not all we have in store for 2009. Another mission of ours is to be green-conscientious. And in doing so, we are offering you a choice as to how you want to receive PARCEL magazine — print or digital. The digital version has lots of benefits including the ability to bookmark, search, print articles, link to resources, forward pertinent articles to higher-ups or staff and more. So if you would like to go green with us, simply go to our website and fill out the Go Digital form or call Rachel at 800-536-1992 ext. 5082. As always, thanks for reading PARCEL, and have a successful 2009.