March 30 2009 04:01 PM

DHL Trade Automation Services for Global Shippers
DHL announces the expansion of its Trade Automation Services (TAS), now covering over 90% of the world’s trade flows. TAS, a comprehensive online resource from DHL that provides complete trade and customs data for 63 countries, has been expanded to include coverage of additional countries, including Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Venezuela and the Philippines.

DHL’s Trade Automation Service offers competitive advantages for global shippers, including more trade documents to prevent errors of omission, 10-digit Harmonized Tariff System codes for faster customs clearance and more accurate estimates, as well as daily updates to the system. TAS provides access to many functions including a landed-cost calculator, which estimates duties, taxes and other customs-related charges, allowing all costs to be known prior to shipping, and interactive classification, which searches for Harmonized System (HS) or Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) commodity codes, enabling quick and accurate classification of a wide range of   

Distance Measurement Sensor 
SICK, a leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems, machine vision and automatic identification products for factory and logistics automation, announces the launch of its new line of DT50 Distance Measurement Sensors. These cost-effective, high-performance sensors are ideal for automating production processes where budget and space were previously a constraint. The DT50 family of distance measurement sensors features a new High-Definition Distance Measurement (HDDM) platform that provides greater precision at longer sensing distances and an industry-leading operating temperature range and ambient light tolerance. 

The DT50 provides high-performance distance measurement capabilities that help decrease operating and manufacturing costs by reducing scrap and increasing throughput. These lightweight, compact sensors feature an intuitive display and keypad with an easy-to-use push button for simple teach-in and programming. While the DT50 is ideal for a variety of existing distance measurement applications, this new family of sensors can also be used in new applications, such as elevator car positioning; level detection in hoppers, bins, silos, and chutes; and pre-process and closed loop feedback in metal forming applications.  

“Green Family” Packing Solutions
FP International, a leading manufacturer of sustainable packing solutions, has introduced the Green Family of environmental packing. Flagship products include Green Family Super 8 loosefill and Green Family CELL-O air cushions, which are 100% biodegradable in the presence of microorganisms. 

Green Family Super 8 weighs less than starch loosefill, which reduces shipping costs and makes Super 8 a cost-effective packing option. It also has an earth-friendly carbon footprint. It requires significantly less energy to produce or recycle Super 8, and it also creates fewer air and water pollutants and green house gas emissions than competitive paper products. 
The CELL-O Air cushions are 99% air by volume and are made from 100 percent recyclable material. When deflated, less than one percent by volume of the original packaging remains. And like Super 8, should CELL-O air cushions end up in a landfill, it will biodegrade in the presence of microorganisms.  

ETM/ETV 214/216 Electric Reach Trucks
Jungheinrich introduces t ETM/ETV 214/216 electric reach trucks, which offer an increased load capacity and lift height. This is a direct result of their design function, which inserts and removes loads by moving their masts rather than extending or retracting their forks via a pantograph mechanism. The ETVs differ from the ETMs in having more widely spaced outriggers (also called base-legs). Both models offer a choice of mast tilt, but the wider ETV is also available with fork tilt above certain lift heights. In addition, both chassis are available with patented mast-reach cushioning, which means the reaching and retracting of the mast assembly is smooth and precise. Integrated side-shifters are a standard feature on the trucks.

The operator compartment has a low entry height, and the seat, armrest, and steering wheel are all adjustable. The trucks’ centrally-located MULTI-PILOT control lever activates all hydraulic functions, as well as travel direction and the horn. The controls are organized in a logical, highly visible manner, providing greater efficiency via the potential for simultaneous use of two hydraulic functions (e.g., lifting and reaching). The operator display is also centrally-positioned, and clearly shows both operational and safety-related data. It allows various travel programs to be selected or adjusted at the touch of a button.