June 29 2009 10:13 AM

Online ROI Calculator 
Newcastle Systems’ NB Series Mobile Powered Workstations are designed to hold and power a variety of equipment that includes computers, industrial printers, barcode scanners and more for about 8 – 12 hours at a time. This provides a fully mobile workstation that allows operators to perform their tasks wirelessly in a facility, warehouse or distribution center. Typical applications for NB Series Workstation include inventory management, mobile on-demand label printing, shipping and receiving as well as cross docking.

The new online ROI calculator calculates potential savings eliminating unnecessary walking to and from a static computer, high-volume printer or other electronic equipment used during a work process. The pre-filled values can be adjusted to better reflect those of your company and quickly calculate your savings. By eliminating just 8 minutes of walking time to a static computer or printer per hour, you can save an estimated $7,000 per year. When you integrate a mobile powered cart with your computer, printer or other powered equipment, the increased productivity is immediately apparent. In addition to eliminating footsteps, some benefits include: reduction of costly interruptions (e.g. chatting with co-workers) since workstation stays with the operator at all times; improved accuracy of picked and shipped items; since workstation stays with the operator this can; alleviate improper labeling, inaccurate inventory counts & more; and continual access to "real-time" information

MaxTriever Storage & Retrieval Machines 
The latest technological advance delivers performance options to large warehouses in need of effective use and operation of space and resources. The lane changing MaxTriever family of storage & retrieval machines (SRM) offers fast delivery from, and replenishment to, more than one aisle of a warehouse. The system is designed to change aisles so that one unit has the ability to access more of a facility, increasing warehouse space availability, simplifying inventory access and reducing overhead costs while improving productivity, warehouse control, worker fatigue and floor space usage. 

The MaxTriever series of automated MiniLoad and UnitLoad storage & retrieval machines is well suited for applications that include the buffering and storage of raw materials, work-in-process and/or finished goods and is effective in the replenishment of forward picking locations. Efficient in handling small parts in totes to large items and car bodies, these high-speed, high-density storage and retrieval systems can replace conventional static rack or carousels to maximize vertical storage space with minimal usage of real estate. Lane changing units have equal performance to lane-bound units in terms of speed, acceleration, and positioning. 

The system automatically and accurately moves items for high-volume picking operations. DiamondWare AutoTrieve software manages MaxTriever SRMs to optimize material flow, shipping & receiving, and equipment utilization for continuous flow and can be interfaced to existing host WMS software. www.diamondphoenix.com 

FlexAgility Order Fulfillment Solutions
TGW-ERMANCO INC. has introduced FlexAgility Order Fulfillment Solutions, which focus on evaluating and improving order fulfillment while designing systems. FlexAgility is not a predetermined, fixed, or canned solution—rather, it combines TGW-ERMANCO’s expertise in order fulfillment with a flexible team-approach to problem solving and the company’s philosophy of analysis and best practices. FlexAgility blends the best design, equipment, software, controls, and integration into one offering that delivers an optimized solution that fulfills each client’s specific business and operational requirements. www.tgw-ermanco.com