Straelen, Germany (October 13, 2009) – Airworks, manufacturer of HDPE films and machines used to produce air pillows that protect products during shipping, has introduced its revolutionary AirStop technology. AirStop is a new bonding concept where air pillows no longer need to be sealed through the entire material. 

With the Airworks machine, only the inside of the film is joined together. This means that the outer structure of the air pillow film remains unaffected. There are no seams, like in other air pillows, that can lead to air leakage and compromised product protection. AirStop technology guarantees the greatest density and durability during package shipping.

Arno Maas, President of Airworks stated, "The development of AirStop is consistent with our mission to always provide customers with leading-edge, air-based solutions that will improve their competitiveness and lower their costs. Our goal for AirStop was to make the most simple, ingenious and robust air packaging solution. We believe we have succeeded.” 

AirStop also enables Airworks to produce air pillow machines that are more simple and robust that competitive products. In fact, Airworks machines are virtually maintenance free. They can be set up and running in less than five minutes.

The company's headquarter is in Straelen, Germany, but it also has a North American branch in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

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