AUSTIN, Texas—October 27, 2009—Newgistics Inc. (, a leading provider of USPS-based small parcel delivery and returns management solutions, today announced that it is offering a new set of Undeliverable Services designed to help shippers lower costs and improve service. Undeliverable parcels are a huge expense for merchants, as they are typically returned at the full single-piece rate. This new service represents Newgistics’ latest offering and includes dynamic change of address, address correction, move update, undeliverable mail handling, and forwarding services for shippers utilizing the Postal Service’s Parcel Select®* ground delivery service.

    Undeliverable Services utilize Newgistics OneShipSM, the company’s warehouse control system, to help merchants solve complex problems associated with address hygiene while reducing costs, improving efficiencies, and creating a premium shopping experience. For example, if an address is not accurately entered during the order process or a customer has not updated their profile with a merchant following a move, Newgistics can identify the problem and correct the address on the package prior to delivery and report the correction to the shipper electronically. Armed with the updated address information provided by Newgistics in the correction process, the merchant has the ability to update their system without further delaying the delivery of the customer’s order. Alternately, if a customer refuses a delivery by writing ‘return to sender’ on the the package, Newgistics can intercept the package from the Postal Service™, return it at a discounted rate, and inform the merchant of the refusal days prior to its receipt at the client’s warehouse. The merchant can use this advanced notice to stop pending shipments, more accurately manage inventory, reduce customer service costs, and significantly improve their management of chargebacks. There are additional benefits of Newgistics’ Undeliverable Services, and its ability to help merchant’s lower costs and improve service is far-reaching.

    As a platform, OneShip manages the flow of packages and information through Newgistics’ nationwide network of SmartCenter locations, as well as capturing Postal reporting events in a centralized location. Key features of OneShip include:
    • Ultimate operational flexibility: Supports a wide variety of customers, mail classes, and data formats so shippers can realize greater returns on existing equipment, technologies and business processes.
    • Driven by business rules: Built-in USPS business rules eliminate manual processes, handling requirements, etc., resulting in reduced labor costs and easier administration.
    • Enhanced customer service: Provides detailed information as to a package’s location within the delivery and/or returns cycle, leading to improved customer service and streamlined processes.
    A client-driven organization, Newgistics is committed to developing services that result in real-world, cost-saving benefits for its clients, while focusing on delivering an improved customer experience.

    Newgistics combines industry-leading processes and technology, personalized service, and the unrivaled convenience of the USPS to offer the most comprehensive set of delivery and returns services available to residential shippers.