June 27 2011 09:09 PM

    Tompkins Associates has conducted a mid-year checkup on major industry trends that supply chain executives are putting at the top of their strategy lists.

    “Late last year, we published the Top 11 Priorities for Profitable Growth in 2011,” says Jim Tompkins, President and CEO of Tompkins Associates. “These priority lists focused on nine major industries and areas – automotive, consumer products, food & beverage, high-tech, logistics service providers, mergers & acquisitions, retail, service supply chain, and pharmaceutical. Now, we have taken a look back to pinpoint issues that should be added or emphasized.”

    A few key priorities that exist across all industries include:
    • Plan for uncertainty – grasp the “new norms” in business today.
    • Emphasis on global supply chains – including risk management; compliance with ever-changing regulations and taxes across global borders; and the need for sustainable, environmentally friendly operations.
    • Understand and utilize new technologies – never underestimate the power of innovation and cutting-edge technologies.
    “Much is unknown about the future,” adds Tompkins. “But companies that focus on scenario planning within global supply chains and make the best use of technology will be more likely to achieve profitable growth.”

    Read more about the Top 11 Priorities for Profitable Growth in 2011:http://www.tompkinsinc.com/2011/Top_11/default.asp. Also, check out ongoing blog posts with topical discussions on Top 11 Priorities revisited: http://gogogosupplychain.tompkinsinc.com/?tag=/top+11+update  

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