In today's globally outsourced business environment, most of the data that companies need to run their supply chains resides with partners, and typically in the systems of those partners. Cloud platforms represent a truly radical shift in how companies exchange information with one another. In this White Paper we will describe the shortcomings of yesterday's technology and how new platforms based around the Internet and the economics of Cloud are enabling companies to become agile and hyper-efficient networked organizations.

GT Nexus' latest white paper addresses the following questions:
• Why are Cloud supply chain platforms inverting the traditional EDI hub equation by moving data processing and linking logic from the partners at the ends of the spokes to the center hub itself?
• How should the entire value chain community leverage a common core technology utility so that all partners link to a single version of supply chain truth across the entire network?
• Why are these newer platforms no longer nice-to-have, but rather must-have systems?

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