Dallas, USA, 10 November 2011 – A new software development from Paragon Software Systems, Inc. (http://www.paragonrouting.com/us) enables transportation operators to organize deliveries to arrive on site at similar times each day. Using the special Arrival Time Banding feature in Paragon routing and scheduling optimization software results in more manageable deliveries for customers as staff no longer need to break off from their other duties to receive deliveries at different times of the day. It also allows transportation operators to make full utilization of their drivers and trucks, while providing the service improvements.

The new feature incorporates the different time zones used across the USA and Canada and will be beneficial to operators when planning and optimizing multiple deliveries on fixed routes, or even dynamic routes. Arrival Time Banding provides a win-win for transportation operators and their customers through improvements in transportation by enabling achievable cost-effective deliveries within agreed intervals. 

This Paragon software module makes short work of creating the multiple delivery plans, allocating the resources and optimizing the routes and schedules. It has the flexibility to choose the most efficient delivery times for each customer while also ensuring that regular deliveries are always within, for example, the same one hour time band each day. This gives the customer the ability to include the deliveries within a more manageable daily routine while taking account of any delivery restrictions such as early store closing or site inaccessibility at certain times. 

Paragon customers already benefiting from Arrival Time Banding include Martin-Brower, the world’s largest distributor to the quick service restaurant industry. All 23 Martin-Brower distribution centers in North America, Canada and Puerto Rico use the system for daily routing of multi-frequency deliveries to more than 6,000 customers, supplying them with all their frozen and dry goods, packaging, cleaning products and ancillaries. 

Chuck Gans, Director, Operations Support, Martin-Brower said this about Paragon routing software: “…It also enables Arrival Time Banding, ensuring locations with multiple delivery frequencies are all delivered within a user-defined number of minutes on all delivery days. This avoids some customers receiving morning deliveries on one route, and an afternoon or evening delivery on the next.” 

Arrival Time Banding is one of the many reasons why companies choose Paragon’s Windows-based software to computerize their transportation planning. 

The software enables them to create optimized routes and schedules automatically. This allows them to improve their services while reducing cost and making best use of their resources. The software enables all types of transportation planning, including dynamic and fixed routes and schedules, and strategic modeling, making it the choice of companies such as Loveland Distributing, Toyota Material Handling USA, CEVA, Exel Supply Chain, Life Gas, AgReliant Genetics and National Food Corporation.