July 18 2012 08:23 PM

PLANTATION, FL: July 18, 2012 – U.S. businesses concerned about getting critical shipments to and from London during the summer Olympic and Paralympic games can breathe a sigh of relief if they count on the International Specialists at DHL Express. In partnership with JogPost, DHL Express is adding “jogging” couriers to its workforce to address two logistical challenges: maneuvering around traffic congestion and accessing those areas temporarily blocked from vehicle traffic during the games.

As road congestion, increased security, and an additional 5.3 million visitors in London put a strain on logistics during the summer months, jogging couriers in London will be the swiftest and most efficient way to ensure businesses are getting their pickups and deliveries on time.

“Traffic is estimated to increase on London’s core pickup and delivery routes by more than 30%, so this carbon-efficient method provides the perfect solution to the issue of congestion,” said Ian Clough, CEO of DHL Express U.S. “By using innovative delivery methods, we can maintain best-in-class delivery performance, despite the heightened traffic and activity expected from the games.”

Kevin Turner, Managing Director of JogPost Courier, commented: “We are pleased to partner with DHL on such an innovative delivery solution for what will be a challenging time for some businesses in the city of London.”

In addition to delivering shipments directly from DHL Express Service Centers in London, the jogging couriers will also team up with driving couriers for the final mile of shipments to impacted areas. With robust plans in place, DHL Express will ensure that customers located in high-traffic areas surrounding the Olympic and Paralympic Route Networks will continue to receive regular collections with minimal disruption.

Throughout the Games, DHL Express will have a dedicated Operations Control Center working around the clock that will constantly monitor issues, such as changes to the network and localized congestion; this enables DHL to instantly adapt network plans and maintain its high service quality. DHL Express Service Centers in London will also provide extended business hours to ensure customers can send and pick up shipments when is most convenient.