WHY? Doesn’t it make sense? There’s lots of stuff we want soon, like
    today — that new high-tech gizmo, medicine we just took the last of, the
    how-to business book we plan on reading tonight to get a leg up on the
    competition tomorrow. Ok, we don’t need everything today, but enough
    of us want “some things” today that it makes a market… a set of customers
    that want their stuff today badly enough to pay a little extra.

    Consumers don’t plan; we’re impulsive. Needs crop up out of
    the blue, randomly. At the B2B level, companies hate to carry
    inventory and supplies. Same Day Delivery and reducing leadtimes
    in general are the same time-compression strategies that
    have driven much economic activity for decades. In some channels,
    products are bought largely because they’re available
    immediately; witness all the impulse items in the grocery store
    check-out line.

    In addition to serving this natural time-responsive need, Same
    Day Delivery is one more application of the market making proposition:
    If you built it, they will come! Download the PDF to get the full article, complete with charts!

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