Parcel Insurance Plan (PIP) began in the late summer of 1966, when St. Louis insurance executives Ed Boyce and Mort Werner first saw an opportunity to provide parcel shippers with an alternative to the insurance coverage offered by the Post Office for parcel post shipments. From Ed and Mort's small office in midtown St. Louis, PIP pioneered the idea of a new, much less expensive way to buy parcel insurance. Today, 40 years later, PIP remains the country's first and largest supplier of alternative package insurance to business shippers. PIP now offers an extremely competitive alternative to the package (declared value) insurance offered by carriers UPS, FedEx, DHL and the USPS.

"Our message to business shippers today is much the same as it was when we were founded forty years ago," says PIP Executive Vice President Dan Daly. "Parcel Insurance Plan will save you a lot of money, 50% or more over the carrier."

All of Parcel Insurance Plan's coverage since its founding has been underwritten by Fireman's Fund, which is also celebrating a 40-year partnership with PIP. "Fireman's Fund is very proud of our partnership with PIP over the last forty years. It is one of our longest continuing relationships. We put a great deal of value in the business we do with Parcel Insurance Plan, and we wish them many happy returns," says Ric Victores, Vice President (Regional Underwriting Executive) of Fireman's Fund.

PIP continues to serve business shippers with the best prices in the package insurance business, as well as the best claims service. "We look forward to the next forty years of serving our clients," said Mr. Daly.