DHL's Pharma Select product is a popular solution specifically designed to meet the needs of Life Science & Healthcare Companies offering "a courier level of customer service, support and performance management."

DHL has been serving the Healthcare industry for many years; but in the USA — after identifying the specific needs of this valued section of its customer base — DHL Global Mail launched a specialized solution called Pharma Select.

Designed specifically to meet the business requirements of mail-order pharmacies, Pharma Select is a comprehensive domestic direct-to-patient service offering reliable, fast delivery — between two to five days from pick-up — for high-value shipments. What's more, it features enhanced customer service and reduced postage costs. Since its launch, it has been a popular innovation for mail-order pharmacies, as well as OTC and diabetic supply providers, delivering an average of five million packages a month on their behalf.

Specialized Requirements
"Mail-order pharmacies have a number of specialized requirements," explains Bill Sweeney, Director of Life Sciences & Healthcare, Pharma Select. "For instance, customers look for enhanced security at facilities where packages are being processed, and they also want to know where their packages are at any given time. This is important because the majority of the products we carry are pharmaceuticals — and primarily maintenance medications."

DHL Global Mail has a Workshare Partnership with the US Postal Service where Pharma Select parcels are brought as close to their destination by Global Mail before they are transferred to local postal authorities for final delivery. While this partnership reduces postage cost significantly for the shipper, the additional services provided by Pharma Select such as proactive performance management, on-demand reporting and enhanced tracking abilities increase the savings and off the best possible return for their postage spend. 

Pharma Select customers gain access to an unsurpassed level of help and transparency with Global Mail's industry-leading Customer Web Portal. This enables companies to not only track their shipments with tremendous visibility, but also set up email notifications for patients and create internal reports to manage information. Additionally, DHL Global Mail offers reship management assistance and monthly dashboard performance overviews.

Best Value for Money
A team focused on the pharmaceutical industry is also on hand to help ensure optimum service quality by analyzing deliver performance on a network-wide and customer-by-customer basis.

"The main benefit our mail-order pharmacies say they enjoy with Pharma Select is the focus on protecting the patient delivery experience," says Bill Sweeney, 
"while providing a cost benefit to the pharmacy."

"Our customers also enjoy the high level of service they receive. Even though their package is being delivered through the regular mail service, pharmacies can contact us to receive support on its performance. Plus, through access to our Web Portal, they have a transparent view to every aspect of their business relationship with us, from Performance Summaries and Detailed Reporting to Invoicing and Tracing."

"What we offer these customers through the Pharma Select service is a courier level of customer service, support and performance management — with added cost advantages."