March 11 2014 06:34 PM

Making Complexity Simple" has never been more important than in today's business environment! Visit KNAPP's booth #6323 and let us explain how our technologies and solutions are tailored to meet each client's specific needs.

KNAPP's KiSoft Vision is a revolutionary paperless picking technology that functions with augmented reality: Virtual information and images coalesce with the real environment. The employee wears a special picking headset with a see-through display on which all the relevant information for the picking process is precisely superimposed. Both of the employee's hands are free for picking. See a live demo in our booth at MODEX. 

KNAPP also would like to introduce a new sortation solution - the Pocket Sorter - that enables a wide variety of goods to be carried, buffered and sequenced together in just one system. Picking, order consolidation and packing are an integrated part of the system design. The solution is ideal for multi-channel and E-commerce fulfillment.