COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado — March 11, 2014 — Accellos, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, announced today that its popular shipping module, AccellosOne Ship, is now out-of-the-box integrated with AccellosOne Collect for Microsoft Dynamics GP®. AccellosOne Collect is Accellos' Warehouse Management System (WMS) built for distributors and manufacturers running Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

    AccellosOne Ship is a multi-carrier shipping system that streamlines the pick to ship process. AccellosOne Ship improves speed and efficiency by producing shipping labels straight from a handheld RF device and allows companies to save money through rate shopping. The system is compliant with many popular carriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and Canada Post.

    AccellosOne Ship Key Benefits:
    • Reduce shipping costs by selecting the least cost carrier and service level
    • Improve shipment reliability and customer service through automated shipment tracking
    • Track every shipment and maintain valuable key performance metrics
    • Increase speed by automating the shipping process and removing manual printing of shipping labels
    • Intuitive, easy to use interface for quick training

    "The increase of ecommerce and drop ship orders are making parcel shipping a major expense for many manufacturers and distributors," said Chad Collins, General Manager & CMO, Accellos. "This product allows customers streamline their shipping process and reduce freight expense. Unlike other solutions in the GP market that require the customer to maintain separate WMS and shipping solutions, this is an out-of-the-box integrated solution, common technology framework and single point of contact for customer support."

    About AccellosOne Ship
    AccellosOne Ship allows you to maximize cost savings by leveraging carrier selection with our multi-carrier rating engine with a single shipping system to maintain for your enterprise. Accellos reduces your shipping costs, improve your shipment reliability, track every shipment and maintain valuable key performance metrics. AccellosOne Ship can improve your customer service while driving out operational costs. AccellosOne Ship deploys either as a standalone application running from a user's PC or integrates with your ERP for full corporate visibility. Ship integrates with the full AccellosOne Supply Chain Suite. 

    About AccellosOne Collect for Microsoft Dynamics GP
    AccellosOne Collect for Microsoft Dynamics GP enables distributors and manufacturers to automate their warehouse processes, while providing the tools to effectively keep track of your inventory in real-time. Through wireless technology, Collect for Microsoft Dynamics GP integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP, by gathering data at its origin and entering it in real-time into the ERP. Information is gathered through simple user prompts on RF Hand-held scanners, and processed through Microsoft Dynamics GP, following all of its business rules. AccellosOne Collect for Microsoft Dynamics GP connects, collects, and controls every aspect of the Microsoft Dynamics GP receiving, order fulfillment manufacturing, and inventory control functions. 

    About Accellos
    Accellos is a global provider of software solutions specifically designed for the unique needs of logistics service providers and midsized businesses. Over 4,000 companies trust Accellos to be the technology backbone of their global supply chains. Accellos provides solutions for warehouse management systems (WMS), third party logistics (3PL), fleet management, transportation management systems (TMS), trading partner integration (EDI), retail store operations, automated barcode data collection, parcel shipping, transportation optimization and supply chain business intelligence. Accellos solutions are built on the AccellosOne platform, a modern technology platform featuring a user-friendly interface and simplified technical administration. For more information, email or visit

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