Dean Warehouse Services, New Englands largest warehousing and supply chain management company, recently announced the launch of Deans Integration System, a real time, online RF-based tracking system that allows Deans customers to track their inventories throughout the supply-chain management system.

Deans Integration System is over 600% more effective in tracking products than traditional manual pick and pack. The system allows clients' Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) to leverage and track the information provided through the Warehouse Management System (WMS). The benefit ensures that the manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and order fulfillment processes are fully integrated.

The effective movement of inventory is critical to the bottom line. Global manufacturing is driving much of the business in the United States and for U.S.-based companies, our technology platform improves efficiency and security while decreasing loss. Ultimately, our technology allows businesses to be more successful when moving their products, says Greg Foreman, President of Dean Warehouse Services.

Dean Warehouse presently has 12 warehousing facilities in Rhode Island with locations in Cumberland, Lincoln, Pawtucket, Central Falls and East Providence totaling nearly 2 million square feet. Deans property holdings rank it as one of the top 20 largest private warehousing companies in the United States.

Companies are working to develop strategies to compete both nationally and globally. Deans Integration System allows us to meet the needs of regional companies and international concerns who are managing their international production and domestic distribution, explains Brad Dean, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Dean Warehousing Services.

Dean provides complete supply chain management services including warehousing, logistics and its own transportation services division. The family-owned business provides regional, national and global companies with their full array of integrated services.

We believe we are uniquely positioned to continue our tremendous growth due to our ability to provide solutions to companies competing regionally or globally, says Greg Foreman, President of Dean. Our experience is that in todays economy, every company is competing on a global level.

Dean Warehousing Services offers three primary integrated services:

  • Warehousing Services: 12 locations, totaling more than 1.8 million square feet, locations integrated to rail (rail to port) and highway access.
  • Logistics Services: include the online transmittal of orders, real time exchange and online inventory.
  • Transportation Services: a 20 vehicle fleet of regional and national hauling provides overnight carrier services, routing and consolidation, dedicated shuttle, brokerage services and LTL and TL.

About Dean Warehouse Services
Dean was founded in 1981 by Brad Dean. The company has grown to be one of Americas largest privately held warehousing concerns. With more than 12 locations in the Northeast, Dean has more than 1.8 million square feet of warehousing space under control.